Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Super (foggy) 10K

That's right we did it. We ran our first 10k. While it was not the farthest that Chris has ever run it was the farthest that I have ever run (without stopping to do an obstacle that is). Plus I did it at the fastest average pace to date!

The course was a little confusing and at the very end I wasn't sure I was going to make it without getting a stitch in my side but I did it and in the fastest time yet so I am super proud.

After the race our running group went out to lunch where I met Bob who taught me how to swing...who tried to teach me how to swing. I'm not the fastest learner!

I'm just now posting this because it is the first time I have had since the race when I have had time! So very busy! I have been eating really well though...until today. I will have to try harder the rest of the day and the rest of the week. :(