Sunday, November 30, 2014

Long Run Day

Today was the day we ran our long run. We had to run it without the rest of the class that we normally run our long runs with. Let me tell you I am really surprised at how hard it is to run the long runs without the group. Our group runs on Saturdays and we were out of town on Saturday so we had to take matters into our own hands. 

I keep saying this and I know it starts to sound cheesy and like it can't be true every time but...this was my best run yet. This run was hard and our longest yet and I kicked it's butt. We ran it in under 11 minutes a mile! That is really great for me. Plus the gain on this run was 125 ft. It was actually up hill the whole way. Well there were some small down hill portions but for the most part it just kept going up. 

The coolest part was we just ran to my mom's house. Then we had her give us a ride home. And trust me my dawgs needed the ride home. This one was tough! Stopping for the traffic lights was killer.

I also got a new app yesterday! I got the MapMyRun app with a one year subscription for their extra features. The feature that I really really wanted was the one that allows friends and family to watch your progress in real time as you run. I wanted this for safety. Sometimes me and Chris run at the same time but not at the same pace so when he gets done he can check on me. Totally Awesome. Even if I haven't figured out how to work it yet. 

This thing is starting to get a little real around here. Chris asked our coach what we were going to need to do to be ready for the first training run for the marathon. We will need to increase our long run distance by one mile a week! We need to get up to 10 miles. 10 MILES! 

I was exhausted after our run today. It will be interesting to see how in the world I am going to get to 10 miles.