Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Pessimist Learns to Swim


Now, I know this video is horrible, but THE PESSIMIST IS SWIMMING! We have been waiting for this for so long. Because of our schedule we have been unable to get him into swim lessons. He swims every week with his summer camp but he wears a life vest all the time. This weekend we decided to go swimming and went and got him a new, bigger life vest since the one from last year no longer fit. We went swimming on Saturday and he wore it all day. Then, we went swimming on Sunday and as the day went on the vest started to chafe his underarms and cheeks were it was rubbing him. I had to take the vest off because I didn't want him to get blisters. He decided that he was just going to walk around the edges of the pool and use a swim board that was there. Everything is going fine for about 45 minutes. We have music going and everyone is having a great time. He tells me that he thinks we should all start dancing in the pool so we do. One minute he is standing there dancing and the next he is swimming around. He could not have been more proud of himself. I could not be more proud of him. I can't wait to go swimming again.

Gluten/Dairy Free

In other happenings, I am trying a gluten free diet for a month. I am on day 3. So far so good and not a lot of withdrawal issues like I had when I tried the paleo diet thing. I'm meant to eat lots of carbohydrates and potatoes and beans and things. I don't do well without them. I'm hoping that cutting out wheat and dairy (almost forgot) will help me get some more energy and function more like a normal human. Only time will tell but hopefully in the next couple of days things will get better.

 I do have a serious case of the foggy brain though now that I think about it. This morning I got up three times from the couch and walked into the other room and then forgot what I was there for! While I am like a zombie in the morning, I truly am never that bad. Is it wheat withdrawal or puppies keeping me up all night I guess I will never know.


 So we all know Rumble. This little guy over here to the left. This is a picture of him when he was just a little he weighs a whole, almost 5 pounds. So, yes, he is a little guy still but he is now 10 month old. Still a puppy and naughty as ever. He wants to play all the we got him a friend. Originally we had wanted to get him a friend that was older than him and already house trained! That guy needs to get some lessons with someone with a little more experience. This obviously is not how the plan worked out. To the right you see Gunther. Gunther was sitting outside of Petsmart one fine Saturday two weeks ago. No one was really looking at him even though he was the only small dog there and we soon found out why. Gunther's got the mange. It's not contagious but it sure does sound horrible.  His hair is starting to grow back in nicely though. Look at though ears why don't ya. Gunther is a chihuahua mix. Mix with what I ask? Hopefully the vet will have some ideas when we take him in this weekend. He is the sweetest little dog maybe ever all he does is snuggle in with you every time you sit down on the couch. He is slightly bigger than Rumble and is only 16 weeks old. He will do quite a bit more growing. Rumble loves to play with him but is always grumpy that he is around. That is slowly changing though. As for the house training, oh boy do we have our hands full...full of paper towels! Or at least the first weekend they were now things are progressively getting better. Thank goodness because those cute little puppy eyes weren't going to work for very much longer.