Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Meal Plan Complete!

These last couple weeks I have done a horrible job getting meals planned and groceries bought. Today I had to bite the bullet and make a plan for the weekend and go grocery shopping. Since a budget has been set for the most part and savings are a priority this trip took place at Aldi. The prices don't include things that I already had in the pantry.

Tonight is one of our favorites!
This is 20-Minute Sriracha Shrimp Ramen. This stuff is great and can be found over on the blog Baker by Nature. The total price of this meal is around $10 and could have been less if I hadn't been low on soy sauce.

Saturday is another pasta day. Honestly I have never been a really big pasta eater but since getting pregnant I want it all the time!
I am in love with all the different one pot pasta options. I haven't tried this one yet but this is Easy One Pot Pasta Puttanesca and it can be found at the blog Creative Juice. I got everything to make this one for $11. 

Finally on Sunday since we are finally supposed to start feeling the autumn weather I wanted to do another soup.
Now I haven't tried this one either but I'm a sucker for a crock pot meal on a Sunday. This one can be found at Carlsbad Cravings and is a Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff Soup. This soup was a little more expensive to shop for since it contains beef and came in at $14. 

While at the store I also picked up some snacks for the game tomorrow that cost about $7. There were also a few staples that we needed and they had pumpkins. We had to have a pumpkin! Over all the total for the weekend with tax came up to $54.60. Not bad for three dinners (which hopefully will provide some leftovers) and food for hosting the game.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Addicted to Planning

Not sure why but I'm totally addicted to planning right now. I am also on a budget so I am working on ways to not spend any money or at least as little as possible and still be able to decorate a super cute planner. 

The first thing I did was use a small binder that I had picked up at target a couple weeks ago for a different purpose.

Then I wanted to make dividers and cute pages for my planner. I started by making the dividers from half price scrapbook paper that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

This is a cover page which I have decorated a little bit but not too much. I wanted to keep it simple!

Next I added this super cool washi tape holder so that I could carry around some of my washi tape without having the rolls all over my purse. This thing is genius! Behind that is a folder that I made.

This is the folder. Right now it is simply holding my stickers that I have printed off. All of these stickers are free on the internets and I will be having a separate post on those in the next couple days.

Above are the other folders that I made. I only spent about $12 dollars for everything that I made! Future posts will show the inserts that I am using right now, how I decorated them, and more resources for free or at least inexpensive planner supplies and printables.