Sunday, May 24, 2015

On to Trail Running or The Reserection of Trail Running

So when we started our running journey it was running on trails that was our passion. We wanted to run 5k obstacle courses. Those were the point of it all. Of course the major goal was the Tough Mudder but we really enjoyed running the 5k distance.

This that time I have explained why we moved to road running and our adventure into the road marathon. Through the exploration of road running we really discovered that tail running is our passion. Both of us agree that there is just something about running on a trail that is soul lifting and that is what we want from running.

At first Chris was like "let's sign up for a trail marathon!" and I was like "whoa! Let's sign up for a trail half marathon. Going from the road to the trail is actually a really big difference.

We signed up for a trail marathon at the end of June. It's the Osage Hills State Park Relatively Flat 1/2 Marathon. We are super excited. There is only one problem. It's been raining every day so there is no way for us to trail on an actual trail. It doesn't even look like there is going to be a break in the rain for at least another week.

It's back to the road for the time being.