Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ONWARD! - a marathon training book review

I needed a book to read on the train for our trip to Ft. Worth. A book about a woman running a marathon seemed like a good bet and it was. This book is not particularly long but I found it funny (like giggling to myself out loud funny) and a good source for some of the things to expect while training for a marathon. The book consists of Brook Kreder's blog posts during her training. I'm just going to be perfectly honest, this book is what got me back on here and blogging again. The way she documents all the funny, horrible, triumphant moments for her readers was inspiring. I have no readers as of now but hopefully one day I will pick up a couple. This is a short book and a super easy read. Really entertaining. I'm not sure that my training will look anything like Brook's but she gave me at least the courage to try. She put her failures right out there for everyone to see and then set out to prove that they were just bumps in the road not road blocks. The book does contain mass quantities of curse words (they are kind of bleeped out though). This didn't bother me because I am absolutely positive that my marathon journey will have a fair number of it's own curse words! I would recommend this book to anyone that is thinking about training for a marathon...that's a girl. I don't think a guy would get as much from it.

So before we went out for our long run this weekend I was really nervous. I actually had butterflies! It just started right before the run though and once we got started I felt good. This weekend we increase our distance by an entire mile. Up to this point we have increased at half mile intervals. I am freaking nervous right now and I have till Saturday to think about it. I can only imagine that it is going to get worse from here. We run tomorrow with the Pack. Hopefully I run well and feel strong I think that will help a lot. Skipping my run yesterday does not help! I really don't want to do that again unless I have to. 

I had a good food day today:
Breakfast: green smoothie and half an English muffin
Lunch: small salad, tabouli, and a multi grain sandwich
Dinner: Santa Fe soup and a piece of jalapeno cheddar bread