Monday, December 1, 2014

A Little Ft. Worth

Really it was just a little. We went on basically a two day trip to Ft. Worth. A little while back we road the train and thought that it would be something that Flint was old enough for and would really like. Since this was going to be a long weekend we decided it would be as good a time as any to head down and see what would happen. 

Flint loved the train ride and it was event free in the good way. On the way there we made sure Flint knew that we would have to walk everywhere. It was going to be city living for us. Flint deemed us "city civilians". Once we got there we went to our hotel and discovered that even though it was more than four hours before check in we could get our room. That was a life saver later in the day. 

We were starving so it was time to hoof it to a lunch destination. Flint decided that it was a cheeseburger day so that is what we went looking for. Once we found something on our phones that looked like it would give the boy a burger we were off. Unfortunately the place we found, although to the gills with kids, was not a kid friendly restaurant. There were inappropriate things written on the walls which of course we paid no attention to but Flint's new to the wonderful world of reading eyes caught. There was also some inappropriate tile work in the men's bathroom apparently as well. He loved his burger though. 

Once we had some lunch in our bellies it was time to go see what the Ft. Worth Water Gardens were all about. I can tell you that they were all about AWESOME. I think the pictures tell you everything you need to know. Flint loved it. When we were done it was time to go rest for a bit before the nights festivities.

It just so happened that the night we were going to be there a Christmas parade was going to be going on right outside of our hotel. Flint loved the parade. His favorite part was at the very beginning when they had a bunch of Elvis lookalikes riding mini motorcycles. That was pretty much the highlight for Flint. They were better than Santa. Santa wasn't doing wheelies though so he didn't really have a chance.

The next morning we decided to stay in downtown and just go places that we could walk to. We spent the morning at the Water Gardens. At lunch we decided on something safe! BBQ. I've never been in an inappropriate barbecue joint. Flint had another cheeseburger. Big surprise.

After some lunch it was time for a movie. The movie was way better than I expected. See below the crazy comfortable recliner that were the seats in this theater. Flint was in love. We saw Penguins of Madagascar. It was funnier than anticipated.

Earlier in the day we had discovered that Molly the Trolley was free! Flint was ready to try out some trolley riding after the movie. We needed to go back to the hotel and pick up our bags and head over to the train station. Flint loved the trolley. 

The rest of the trip was a little less fun. The train didn't leave the station till more than an hour after it's posted departure. The good news is that Flint handled it way better than me. He was a real trooper and a professional traveler. 

As for was a rest day. We have quite a few training for the 10k. We only run 3 times a week. I'm not sure how that will change when we start training for the marathon. Today I am just focusing on eating right and drinking lots of water.