Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It Was Yoga This Morning


Well really it was just super cold this morning! I'm such a wimp. I know I should have gone and ran but I wimped out and did a Jillian Michael's yoga workout instead. I am really feeling guilty about it now though. Let me tell you I needed the yoga! I didn't even realize how tight my legs had gotten until I started doing the workout this morning. Ouch! Plus that workout was hard. It was no lay around and stretch video. There were whole portions I couldn't even keep up to. I think that video will start showing up more in the rotation...if I had a rotation. Point is-more stretching is needed. Actually there are several points:
  • I can't touch my own toes! There I said it. It's embarrassing but very true. Not only that but I would say I have always been at least 8 inches way from those ugly little suckers. One day toes I will touch you.
  • Running is making me even less stretchy than normal. I have actually been worried about pulling something because of how tight my muscles are in my legs. I know Chris is worried about this too.
  • I need more core strength! The video this morning was definitely a core workout and next to not being flexible that is my next worse fitness strength.
On my ever growing list of things to do today is to find a yoga video for runners for Chris and I to do at night to help with all the tight muscles we are experiencing. I would hate to mess up our chances at training for this marathon because we didn't stretch enough.


The last couple days we have been eating much better than we had been.


Breakfast: Green smoothie with half an English muffin
Lunch: Small salad (too small!)
Snack: Trail mix
Dinner: Jalapeno sausages with acorn squash and turnips
Dessert: Two sunflower seed cookies


Breakfast: Green smoothie with half an English muffin
Lunch: Multi-grain sandwich with tabbouleh and a small salad 
Dinner: Frito Chili Pie (hey it was class night)