Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh How The Garden Has Grown

Check out this garden! It has grown so much in the last few weeks. All thanks to the rain that we have gotten. I can't take any credit here. We have gotten over 5 inches of much needed rain this month. It has made the gardening much easier. The rain chances are going down though and the heat is starting to go up. Today we have a high in the low 90's and will not be getting any rain. :( I think the garden will be okay with daily watering. That's how it goes in Oklahoma...daily watering.
Now for the tomatoes!...tiny as they are...

These are the tomatoes that Flint picked out. They were the first ones on the scene and the only ones that I have pictures of right now. They are still very small. I actually have no idea how big they are supposed to be. I made a major garden snafu. See I bought garden labels. They I wrote on them with a sharpie. Then it rained all month and now I have labels with no writing on them and no idea what the plants are.I know which ones are tomatoes and which ones are peppers, and okra, and squash, and so on and so fourth but no idea on the variety of most of the plants. I'm just going to have to play this year by ear and hope for the best.

This I know is a little heat-less jalapeno. It's supposed to taste like a jalapeno but have no heat. I have yet to try it but I did pick this one last night and plan on trying it tomorrow. We got all of these plants at Sunrise Acres, a certified organic farm not too far from the house. The owners were wonderful and personally helped us pick all the best varieties for our personal taste. They were so helpful and even shared recipes and growing tips as we walked through the greenhouses! It was awesome and I will most definitely be going back.

One more pepper and I know this one is going to be a yellow bell pepper. I don't know the variety but I do remember from planting it. That bell pepper is about 1/3 as tall as the whole plant. I'm not sure if I should have picked it so that the plant would thrive more or not but I left it on for now. Hopefully the plant can handle it.

Lastly but not leastly...the humble pan patty squash. When they are fully grown I think that they look like spaceships. This one has several growing and one that didn't do well so was already picked although inedible. Poor little guy. 

There are more tomatoes growing on almost every plant. There are a few plants that are holding out but they have grown tremendously and are doing well. There are also a couple zucchini hanging out that I haven't gotten a picture of yet. The hold outs so far include miniature popcorn ( I had high hopes), the beans, okra, and cucumbers. These are all also growing well so I think patience will be the key. More photos later this week.