Thursday, May 7, 2015

Travel Knitting Projects

Okay so I'm just going to admit it, I've been knitting for years and I have never taken knitting with me while I travel. I have taken a couple small projects with me on some car rides but that is about it. In my defense, I have never had the opportunity to travel so I haven't had many chances to try it out.

That is all about to change! I will soon be going on a trip. A ten day trip! That seems like enough time to get some good knitting in. I mean a 10 hour flight seems like prime knitting time. I really have no idea what types of projects to take so I have chosen two. One that is small and a little more complicated and one that is larger but extremely simple.

Lets start with the larger more simple pattern. This one is for a small sweater that I found on the Purl Bee Blog, it's called Short Row Sweater.

Obviously the back of this sweater is my favorite but I can't wait to see it over a few of the new tops that I recently acquired. I think it will look so cute! The best part is that I am going to be using some homespun yarn!